Once you have enrolled as an Associate, it is important for you to become active and remain active every month in order to be eligible to earn commissions. You do this by ensuring that, starting out, you have at least 100 Personal Volume (PV) points every single month. ASEA’s convenient autoship program, in which ASEA automatically ships your products to you every month, makes this quick and easy. Customer volume will also be included in your Personal Volume. Now that you are active, let’s take a look at each of the seven ways that you can earn income:

1. Retail Sales

Must be active, paid weekly

Purchase ASEA products at wholesale, sell them at retail, and keep the difference.

2. Preferred Customer Bonus

Must be active, paid weekly

Earn $25 on every case purchased on autoship by Preferred Customers.

3. Fast Start Bonus

Must be active, paid weekly

Earn Fast Start Bonus every time you personally sponsor someone who purchases an ASEA Product Pack during the enrollment process.

4. Director Bonus

Must be active, paid weekly

Achieve the rank of Director in 14 or fewer calendar days from the date of your own enrollment and receive a $50* one-time bonus. *See full compensation document for more details.

5. Team Comissions

Must be active, and qualified (binary qualified), paid weekly

Build two legs in your organization with a minimum of 300 GV in each and earn 10% of the volume in the lesser leg. *See full compensation document for more details including carry over and plan max limits.

6. Executive Momentum Bonus

Must be active, and qualified (binary qualified), paid every four weeks

Earn a share of global volume for a limited time as you advance through ASEA’s executive ranks (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum). Funded with 2% of total global CV, the Executive Momentum Bonus pool is shared in tiers based on qualified rank per week for a specified period of time once your shares have been unlocked by two consecutive qualifying weeks at your new rank.

7. Check Match

Must be active with 200PV, and qualified (binary qualified), paid weekly

Earn check matches on Associates you’ve personally sponsored, and on the ones they’ve sponsored, and so on, up to seven generations! *See full compensation document for more details.

8. Diamond Pool

Must be active and binary qualified at diamond or above. Paid every four weeks

Earn a share of 3% of ASEA’s global volume based on your paid-at rank and PGV generated within eligible levels.* *See full compensation document for more details.

Income Potential

If you’re like most people, you’re used to relying on a regular paycheck from an employer. But that norm is becoming less and less normal as more and more people are looking for—and creating—multiple income streams.

ASEA’s generous compensation plan gives you multiple ways to earn. It’s a great way to put your residual income plan into place, relying on ASEA’s remarkably high retention rate, more than triple the 15–20% industry average.

At every level of ASEA’s compensation plan, you can bring in extra income, from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month. Average commissions* at ASEA’s executive ranks look something like this chart:

The ASEA compensation plan has also supported and rewarded many individuals who have committed themselves full-time to business-building, and as a result, have achieved financial independence. ASEA has even created an elite Million-Dollar Earners Club. The customer base is unlimited, and the powerful, generous commission and bonus structure rewards Associates every step of the way.

*This information is based on 2014 earnings of executive-ranked ASEA Associates. This is not a guarantee of a particular income. Individual results will vary.